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711821  XS Energy Drink Rootbeer Blast in Limited-edition Krakoosh can
The Rootbeer Blast XS Energy Drink boasts the flavor of adventure and the spirit of entrepreneurship and the limited-edition Krakoosh can features the distinctive art of Steven Chew.
SKU: 711821
Twelve 8.4 oz. cans
List Price: $23.99

Product Benefits

Rootbeer Blast XS Energy Drink generates energy naturally through potent B vitamins. Theres no need for sugar, carbs, or calories, to boost mental and physical power. Rootbeer Blast XS Energy Drinks keep your performance on high while smoothly maintaining endurance and energy from start to finish. Rootbeer Blast XS Energy Drinks have only 02 g of carbs, no sugar, no fat, and only 816 calories per can. Its everything you need, without the additives, sugars, and carbs you want to avoid.


Delivery/Deposit Information: Orders shipped to the following states require can deposits, which will be added to the purchase price: CA 4 per can; OR, NY, IA, CT, MA, VT, ME 5 per can; MI 10 per can (except that non-carbonated Tea-Berry Blast is subject to deposit only in CA and ME).

Please refer to the Redemption Center PDF for additional redemption information.

Use Instructions

Before you hit the trail, saddle up with a Krakoosh Rootbeer Blast XS Energy Drink. Youll feel a natural lift but without the spike and eventual crash common with sugary energy drinks. Sustain hard efforts on the trail, or during exercise, by drinking Rootbeer Blast on the go. A little Krakoosh will help wash away the dust, and give you an added boost of energy to keep going. Back at the ranch, refresh yourself with cold Krakoosh to re-energize after a challenging adventure.

Product Description

Rootbeer Blast captures the classic flavor pioneered by the magical sarsaparilla root the original source of the Old Wests first true root beer. With no sugar, no carbs, only 8 calories, and plenty of B vitamins, this is one root beer that can take you to the end of the trail with energy to spare.

The Krakoosh Rootbeer Blast XS Energy Drink is offered in a limited-edition Krakoosh can featuring the wild and adventurous artwork of Steven Chew a totally awesome collectible that will be offered for a limited time while supplies last. Get ready to wash the dusty trail from your throat and put some Krakoosh in your day with the new XS Rootbeer Blast.